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Motek Apps

Motek's apps are used by 7.5 million unique users every day!

Screen Muncher

Screen Muncher captures moments on your smartphone to share with friends via BBM, Facebook or email. Several variations.

Technology: Native mobile app: mobile analytics & advertising, Facebook Open Graph and Twitter Cards integration, native email, SMS and messaging integrations.

: Over 5,000,000 Daily Active Users
: 387,000,000 Screen Munches in the past year

Color ID

Color ID is the best-selling LED customizer for BlackBerry ever. It is also the #3-best-selling app of all-time on BlackBerry World.

Technology: Native mobile app: mobile analytics, native email, SMS and phone integrations.


: Over 2,000,000 Daily Active Users
: 1 Billion BBM messages Color ID'd per month


AppFriendly solves the app discovery problem based on your location and by knowing which apps you already have.

Technology: HTML5 mobile app: mobile analytics, native app store integration, and cloud-based collective intelligence recommendation engine.

: Over 100,000 users in Beta mode
: Recommendation engine that includes location


Vouchr was developed as a joint venture project. It enables you to spontaneously gift and redeem your local favorites with friends. Food, drinks, products…anything!​

Technology: HTML5 mobile app: mobile analytics, Facebook Open Graph and Twitter Cards integration, native PUSH notifications, PayPal mobile payments integration,  
Foursquare Core API integration.


: Winner best app BlackBerry World 2012

: Phone Gap : Open Graph 

Photogram for Facebook

Photogram is the fast, beautiful and fun way to view your Facebook photos and Facebook photos from your friends.

Technology: Native mobile app: mobile analytics and advertising, Facebook Connect and Open Graph integrations



Duck Jockey

Duck Jockey is a qwacky drawing game! Like the Telephone Game, hilarity ensues as the captions and drawings progress.

Technology: HTML5 mobile app: 
PhoneGap, mobile analytics, Facebook Connects and native
PUSH notifications


PinShare is the first and only BlackBerry app that quickly and easily connects users via BBM across the globe.

Technology: Native

: Over 120,000 Daily Active Users

: 125,000 new connections made daily 


TidBits lets you preview snippets of incoming BBM messages and SMS text messages within any application you're using!

Technology: Native mobile app: mobile analytics, SMS and messaging integrations.


Tweeker for Twitter

Tweeker is simply the quickest and easiest way to Tweet on the go. No friends list, no searching, no feeds - just Tweets!

Technology: Native mobile app with Twitter integration



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