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Building great apps also means providing invaluable services:

Native Development

We build apps using native SDKs. They provide useful tools and commonly used libraries that can help get your existing application running quickly and reliably.

Building apps in HTML5 gives your apps greater flexibility while also enabling them to be interactive, powerful and efficient. Perfect for cross-platform mobile app and web development.

HTML5 Development

Big Data

Motek not only builds apps but provides valuable back-end "big data" services. They include key elements like notification systems, events tracking, statistics, analytics, cloud computing and many others. 



We provide full wiki documentation for all of our apps online for anyone to view. Having issues, got questions about how something works or need feedback on something? It's a great resource for all of those FAQs.

Native or HTML5?

It's a big question in the app world - should I build my app in a native environment or in HTML5? There are benefits and shortcomings to both - we're here to help you figure out the best option for your app.

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